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Friday 2nd September
Gregory’s Girl
88 minutes
directed by Bill Forsyth
starring John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Clare Grogan

At a secondary school outside Glasgow, a teenage boy suffers the humiliation of being demoted down the football squad only to be replaced by the new girl he’s infatuated with. A wonderfully observed and very funny film with an irresistible performance as the delightfully quirky character, this was a hit for Scottish cinema.
Winner of the BAFTA award for best screenplay

Friday 9th September
Blackboard Jungle
97 minutes
directed by Richard Brooks
starring Glenn Ford, Sidney Poitier, Vic Morrow, Anne Francis, Louis Calhern

An idealistic teacher comes to a tough inner city school hoping to enlighten his students, but finds his work made much harder by an unsupportive faculty, racial tensions and juvenile delinquency. Based on the experiences of writer Evan Hunter, aka Ed McBain, the theme song ‘Rock Around the Clock’ helped kick off the Rock & Roll phenomenon and roused riots in highly responsive teenage audiences.
Nominated for 4 Academy Awards

Friday 16th September
Not One Less
106 minutes
directed by Zhang Yimou

A thirteen-year-old girl is asked to be a substitute teacher for a class of children from across a remote rural area. She’s forced to grow up fast when she heads into the bustling big city to find a runaway pupil. A warm and gentle social film from the director of ‘The Story of Qiu Ju’, ‘Hero’, and ‘House of Flying Daggers’.
Winner of many awards for best film and best director, including the major prizes in China: the Golden Rooster; Hundred Flowers; Huabiao; the Shanghai Film Critics’ awards, and 4 awards at the Venice Film Festival including the Golden Lion and UNICEF award

Friday 23rd September
Au Revoir les Enfants
105 minutes
directed by Louis Malle

In a French boarding school run by priests during World War II and the Nazi occupation, a young boy realises his new schoolmate is being hidden there for safety, and over time they form a strong friendship. From the director of ‘Atlantic City’, and based on real events from his childhood.
Winner of many awards across Europe for best film, best writing, best director, and USA critics’ circle awards for best foreign film, a BAFTA, the Prix Louis Delluc and 7 Cesar Awards in France, and 5 awards at the Venice Film Festival including the Golden Lion and UNICEF award.

Friday 30th September
Horse Feathers
63 minutes
directed by Norman Z. McLeod
starring the Marx brothers

The new president of Huxley College intends to improve the American football team by all underhanded means available, involving cheating, sabotage, gamblers, bootleggers and the Marx brothers’ usual musical routines, hilarious sketches and disrupted lessons.

As we start another series and the academic year begins again, we study films about education, set in very different schools. There are precocious children and immature adults as the focus covers both the teachers and the pupils, in tales inspired by memory and nostalgia, and about innocence and learning.
Madeline Showreel!