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JUNE 2016
There’s social strife, stubborn individuals, and strong opinions in a run of films about class warfare, inter-generational attitudes, and the contrast between cliques and diverse demographics. Whether through big laughs or light-hearted comedy, cutting satire, or evocative character studies, we see what makes us different, for better and for worse.

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On Friday July 8th as part of our July EALING REELS theme, we offer a tribute to the
late Ray Lonnen, star of stage and screen. Ray was an Ealing resident for many years
and still has family here. It's amazing to think we had a man of such immense talent
right here on our doorstep!
Ray's family will be present to honour him with stories and a specially prepared showreel of his work. We'll finish with a Q&A with Ray's wife, the actress and writer Tara Ward.
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Friday 3rd June
The Servant
1963 116 minutes
Directed by Joseph Losey, screenplay by Harold Pinter
Starring Dirk Bogarde, James Fox, Sarah Miles, Wendy Craig
Friday10th June
A Night at the Opera
1935 96 minutes
directed by Sam Wood
starring the Marx brothers, Kitty Carlisle, Allan Jones, Margaret Dumont

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Friday 17th June
Eat Drink Man Woman
1994 124 minutes
directed by Ang Lee
starring Yu-Wen Wang, Chien-Lien Wu, Kuei-Mei Yang, Sihung Lung

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Friday 24th June
1979 120 minutes
directed by Franc Roddam music by The Who starring Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Philip Davis, Ray Winstone, Sting, Toyah Willcox

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