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• Membership helps support the club in the long term ensuring a base of subscribers that help with securing our venue with Ealing Council, with costs and licensing fees associated with showing the films and promotional costs. Also special stuff like a new large 3 metre screen that we can't afford yet (help us?)

• Membership is £10 for 12 months. Members pay £6 (£5 concessions) for tickets.

• Non-members pay an additional £1 for for the evening.

• The membership is in addition to the entrance admission. Your £10 membership fee will cover you for the entire year from the date you purchase.

• We are a members club run by the membership.

• You can be involved with the direction the film club takes!

• Come join us!
Welcome to our new set up for online ourchase of memberships!
It's a work in progress and the result of several requests to do this online. Besides a Membership button we have incorporated a Donation button as well (hint hint!). We exist because of you guys and exist for you. We are all volunteers and we are not for profit. Memberships and donations really help us out. Thanks for reading :)
NOTE: when you purchase a membership you will receive a return email from us
requesting your membership details. Please fill out and return to complete your membership.

We will then post your brand new fancy membership card to you or arrange for you to pick it up at the box office.
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