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This series has action sequences, adventure and crime capers – with brains, brawn and machismo. There’s major Hollywood movies, epitomes of their genres, alongside footage from far-flung places, as we continue balancing the most famous films with less familiar treasures.

Friday 7th September
That Sinking Feeling 1979
cert 12A – 90 minutes – in English
Directed by Bill Forsyth
Starring Robert Buchanan, John Gordon Sinclair, Billy Greenlees, John Hughes

A jobless youth assembles several of his frustrated friends and forms what might be the most inept band of thieves in cinema, to plan and pull off a warehouse heist – steel sinks at a steal. Shot on location in Glasgow, with a bare budget and amateur actors bringing much charm to their gormless characters. This comedy thrives on improvisation, deadpan delivery, sly gallows humour, the absurd and surreal, and is always hilarious.
The first film from the writer-director of ‘Gregory’s Girl’ and ‘Local Hero’.
Named most promising director at the London Critics Circle Film Awards.


Friday 14th September 
Scarface 1932
cert 15 – 90 minutes – in English
Directed by Howard Hawks
Starring Paul Muni, Ann Dvorak, George Raft, Karen Morley, Boris Karloff

This towering gangster flick covers the rise to power and fall from the top of Tony Camonte, ‘The Shame of the Nation’, a brutish mob boss in Prohibition-era Chicago. Howard Hughes and Howard Hawks based the narrative on real figures and events of the period, to shape a tale about the American Dream gone wrong through ruthless ambition, corruption and infamy. Full of dark wit, stylish motifs and exhilarating shootouts that raise the sensationalist subject matter.
Counted in the top 10 films of the year by the National Board of Review USA.
Voted 6th in the American Film Institute’s Top 10 Gangster Films of all time.

Friday 21st September 

Double Indemnity 1944
cert PG – 107 minutes – in English
Directed by Billy Wilder, starring Barbara Stanwyck
Starring Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson

An insurance salesman is doomed from the moment an anklet-wearing femme fatale steps into his life, and seduces him into a murderous plot for money. Their affair turns ugly as they both become dangerously suspicious and manipulative. This adaptation of James M. Cain’s novel was sharply co-written with Raymond Chandler, seen through Wilder’s cynical worldview and brilliant direction. Using Los Angeles locations, its sunlight contrasted with shadowy cinematography, and told through flashbacks and voiceover narration, this essential noir is a masterpiece of mood.
From the writer-director of ‘Some Like It Hot’ and ‘A Foreign Affair’.
Nominated for 7 Academy Awards.
American Film Institute polls saw this voted the 29th best American movie of all time; the 24th most thrilling; and one protagonist was voted the 8th top movie villain.


Friday 28th September
Stagecoach 1939
cert U – 96 minutes – in English
Directed by John Ford, starring John Wayne
Starring John Wayne, Claire Trevor, John Carradine, Thomas Mitchell, George Bancroft, Andy Devine, Louise Platt, Donald Meek, Tim Holt

A medley of passengers clash as they make the rough journey across wild terrain, joined by a fugitive outlaw and assailed by an Apache uprising. With cowboys and Indians and the cavalry, it took the elements and archetypes of the horse opera genre, and became the most influential modern Western. As well as stunning stunts, breakneck chases and majestic vistas of Monument Valley, it gave John Wayne his breakthrough role to stardom. The New York Times had praise: “John Ford has made a motion picture that sings a song of camera – how beautifully it moves.”
From the director of ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ and ‘My Darling Clementine’.
Winner of 2 Academy Awards for acting and music; best director from New York critics; counted in the top 10 films of the year by the National Board of Review USA.
Voted into the American Film Institute’s Top 10 Westerns of all time.


Friday 5th October

Beau Travail 1999
cert 15 – 89 minutes – in French with English subtitle
Directed by Claire Denis
Starring Denis Lavant, Gregoire Colin, Michel Subor, Nicolas Duvauchelle

French Foreign Legion troops swelter and seethe through exercises by the sea and under the desert heat in the Horn of Africa. A tale of jealousy, repression and simmering tension, inspired by Herman Melville’s novel ‘Billy Budd, Sailor’, and with excerpts from Benjamin Britten’s opera alongside African pop music and disco dance tunes on its evocative soundtrack. Filmed in Djibouti with sensuous photography, this art film is atmospheric and mesmeric.
Winner of special mentions at the Berlin and Rotterdam film festivals; several awards for best cinematography; named best film of the year in a Village Voice magazine film poll.
Voted among Sight and Sound’s Top 100 Greatest Films of All Time.


Friday 12th October
Sanjuro 1962
cert PG – 95 minutes – in Japanese with English subtitles
Directed by Akira Kurosawa
Starring Toshiro Mifune, Tatsuya Nakadai, Takashi Shimura

A scruffy ronin, roaming the countryside with his trusty sword, reluctantly agrees to help a troupe of idealistic young warriors, who seek to bring down corruption in their clan. Bringing back the hit character due to popular demand, this time the nameless anti-hero is the misfit in a comedy of manners, which plays with conventions and expectations to parody the samurai genre. Kurosawa once again cast his regular favourite actors, and Mifune brings his powerful intensity and charismatic swagger to one of the director’s funniest and most entertaining films.

From the director of ‘Rashomon’ and ‘Yojimbo’.
Winner of best actor from the Kinema Junpo
Awards, run by the Japanese film magazine.

Friday 19th October

The Great White Silence 1924
cert U – 107 minutes – silent with English inter-titles
Directed by Herbert G. Ponting, featuring Robert Falcon Scott
Featuring Robert Falcon Scott

This documentary captured the British Antarctic Expedition, led by Captain Scott to reach the South Pole. With extraordinary footage of many stages of the exploration: on board the Terra Nova ship; life in the base camp; crew preparations and scientific research; and the local penguins, whales and seals. Still images, maps, miniature model shots, diary entries and recreations illustrate the rest of the journey across the ice. “The alien beauty of the landscape is brought dramatically to life and the world of the expedition revealed in brilliant detail.” – BFI.

A silent documentary, with a recorded score by Simon Fisher Turner.

Friday 26th October

Erin Brockovich 2000
cert 15 – 131 minutes – in English
Directed by Steven Soderbergh, starring Julia Roberts and Albert Finney
Written by Susannah Grant
Starring Julia Roberts, Albert Finney, Aaron Eckhart, Marg Helgenberger, Peter Coyote, Cherry Jones
Showing in partnership with the
Women’s Equality Party – Ealing


 ‘She brought a small town to its feet and a huge corporation to its knees.’

A down-on-her-luck single mother takes charge and powers her way from amateur to activist, assisting an attorney to file a class action lawsuit against an energy company, for contaminating a California community’s water supply, polluting the land and poisoning the people. Julia Roberts brings her mega-watt screen presence and talents to her Oscar-winning role, based on fact, and this underdog story about fighting for justice was a big hit with audiences.

Named Movie of the Year at the American Film Institute Awards: “with humour, texture and a fine attention to detail, with its luminescent performance by Julia Roberts, it accomplishes what all Hollywood films should aspire to: to excel both as art and as entertainment.”

Winner of many acting prizes, from the Academy Awards, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild, and multiple critics societies. Winner of several best director prizes from USA critics groups.
American Film Institute polls voted it among the top movie heroes and most inspiring movies.
Showing with the Women’s Equality Party – Ealing