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November and December 2018
Looking Back, Looking Forward

Here’s an eclectic mix of films that cover different points in recent history: we mark the centenary of the end of the First World War; half a century later, we take a look at the hippie movement and counterculture; then we round off the year with some alternative Christmas films.

Through reconstruction, pseudo-documentary, narrative drama and comedies, we explore time and place in both serious works and entertainment.

Friday 2nd November   
When I Saw You   2012   Lamma Shoftak
93 minutes   cert 12A   in Arabic with English subtitles
Director Annemarie Jacir
Starring Mahmoud Asfa, Ruba Blal, Saleh Bakri

A Palestinian mother and son travel to a refugee camp in Jordan in 1967, where they struggle to fit in, and adjust to the restrictions and the waiting. Missing his father, the intelligent and curious boy finds company with a band of freedom fighters. There’s wonderful performances in this heartfelt coming of age film with a different perspective. It has been praised as “cinematic poetry – beautiful, groundbreaking and deeply, deeply moving” while the filmmaker “proves that she has become a leader in Palestinian contemporary cinema.”

Screened at many international film festivals, where it received several prizes from audiences, critics and juries; was named best film in the Arab, Asian and world cinema categories; and won best young actor and UNICEF awards.

Screening as part of the Hanwell Palestine Festival, with Hanwell Friends of Sabastiya.

There’ll be a fundraising raffle with extra prizes.
[So bring along some change / coins!]


Friday 9th November
The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands   1927
106 minutes   cert PG   silent with English inter-titles
Director Walter Summers

British Instructional Films made this thrilling recreation of two pivotal battles between the British and German navies during World War One. The epic production was mostly shot at sea using real ships, with stunning results. It focuses on the strength of the men and machines, and covers defeat, sunken vessels, the retaliatory strike and boost to morale. Originally released on Armistice Day to commemorate the fallen, it is now hailed as “one of the greatest British films from the silent era” and “the best British war film you’ve never seen”.

With a recorded score by composer Simon Dobson, performed by The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines.


Friday 16th November
King of Hearts   1966
(Le roi de coeur)
103 minutes   cert 12A   in French and German with English subtitles, and in English
Director Philippe de Broca
Starring Alan Bates, Genevieve Bujold, Pierre Brasseur, Jean-Claude Brialy, Micheline Presle, Michel Serrault, Adolfo Celi

A Scottish soldier is sent to defuse a bomb in an evacuated French village, where the patients of the local mental asylum have taken over the town. They enjoy their freedom by dressing up and frolicking in the streets and main square, as he tries in vain to lead them to safety, in a surreal and whimsical allegory about the madness of war. With a cast featuring great stars and character actors of French cinema, it initially flopped in its home nation, but years later became a cult comedy abroad.


Friday 23rd November
Punishment Park   1971
91 minutes   cert 15   in English
Director Peter Watkins

In a vision of an alternate America in the near future, a news crew follows detained students, activists and dissidents through mock trials and a creative, cruel and unusual sentencing: a three day trek through the scorching desert. This twisted game of capture the flag is crossed with a cat and mouse chase as they are pursued by armed police and the National Guard. Presented as actual documentary footage – an innovation the director often used – along with non-professionals and improvisation, this is a radical and provocative protest film of its era. Was it implausible, prescient, or was it already reality?

Named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top ten films of the year.


Friday 30th November
Taking Off   1971
92 minutes   cert 18   in English
Director Milos Forman
Starring Lynn Carlin, Buck Henry, Linnea Heacock, Audra Lindley, Paul Benedict, Georgia Engel

After several teenagers run away from their stable families and suburban homes, their guardians form a support group: the Society for the Parents of Fugitive Children. They try to cross the generation gap and understand their kids by experimenting and experiencing the modern youth lifestyle, with farcical consequences, and to hilarious effect. With musical cameos from Tina Turner, Carly Simon and Kathy Bates, this is a fond, perceptive look at Americana.

After Czech New Wave films including ‘The Fireman’s Ball’, this was the director’s first film made in the USA, and would be followed by classics ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and ‘Amadeus’.

Winner of the grand prize of the jury at Cannes; nominated for 6 BAFTA awards.


Friday 7th December
Comfort and Joy   1984
104 minutes   cert PG   in English
Director Bill Forsyth
Starring Bill Paterson, Eleanor David, Clare Grogan, Alex Norton, Patrick Malahide, Rikki Fulton

A morning radio DJ with a messy personal life struggles to get into the seasonal spirit, then becomes a witness to the crimes fuelling Glasgow’s ice cream wars: van vandalism; vendettas; sabotage and turf disputes. As he investigates the rival family businesses and unfriendly competition for control, he unexpectedly finds purpose and renewed career enthusiasm. There’s typically quirky characters and sly offbeat irony, in what critic Roger Ebert called “one of the happiest and most engaging movies you are likely to see this year – this is a wonderful movie”.

From the writer-director of ‘That Sinking Feeling’, ‘Gregory’s Girl’ and ‘Local Hero’.

Winner of the USA critics society award for best cinematography; nominated for the BAFTA award for best original screenplay.


Friday 14th December
The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek   1944
98 minutes   cert A   in English
Director Preston Sturges
Starring Eddie Bracken, Betty Hutton, William Demarest, Diana Lynn, Porter Hall, Brian Donlevy, Akim Tamiroff

After a small town throws a big party to send off the troops, a young woman wakes up to find herself married, pregnant – and suffering from an unfortunate bout of amnesia, with no memory of the wild night before, her husband’s name, or his identity. Her stern hothead father and her wimpy but devoted childhood sweetheart rush to solve the mystery, or resolve her predicament, but their good intentions counteract each other, leading to more confusion and complications. With its wacky situations and sharp-witted dialogue, this was a huge box office hit, and is possibly the fastest and funniest of the Hollywood humourist’s screwball satires.

From the writer-director of ‘Sullivan’s Travels’ and ‘The Lady Eve’.

Counted in the top ten films of the year, winner of a best acting prize, and nominated for best director from New York groups; nominated for the Academy Award for best original screenplay.

Voted among the greatest comedies of all time by the American Film Institute and Premiere magazine.

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