Classic Cinema Club was founded in the spring of 2011. We are a group of local film fans who saw a need to support and enjoy film in our community. Ealing has had no ‘formal’ cinema since 2008 in spite of quite a history in film. From the classic Ealing Comedies everyone knows, many well known film locations and the thriving Ealing Studios, there is definitely a theme to our community. Endorse and support this tradition… and a neighbourhood cinema screening classic films at the same time. We’ll save you a seat 🙂

Our films are chosen for their value both culturally and artistically. We hope to provide the community with a great choice of cinema. And suggestions for a film or a series is always appreciated.

We show a film every Friday at 7:30pm in the community room at Ealing Green Church, right across from EALING STUDIOS. We have a short introduction and one of our best features is a knowledgeable and lively discussion afterwards. Light refreshments are served and you are welcome to bring your own. We are fully accessible for those with disabilities.