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Friday 11th October
The Thomas 
 Crown Affair (1968)
102 minutes – certificate PG – in English
Directed by Norman Jewison
Starring Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway, Paul Burke, Jack Weston, Yaphet Kotto

After a crack team pulls off a daring bank heist, it’s up to an insurance investigator to deduce who
was behind the seemingly perfect crime. Her suspicions fall on a millionaire playboy with a restless
taste for adventure and the high life. Struck by an instant attraction, they face off in a battle of wits
and a cat-and-mouse chase, enjoying the game as each anticipates the next move.
An action caper heightened by some creative optical trickery, with innovative split-screen editing
and spiralling shots, filmed in alluring spots in Boston and Massachusetts. The protagonists’
interaction is enhanced by their chemistry and sex appeal, as the stars bring the cool and the heat,
while immaculately suited and coiffed.
Winner of the Academy Award and Golden Globe for best original song, ‘The Windmills of Your
Mind’, and nominated for its music score by Michel Legrand.

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