Update-Dec 2021

It’s been sad to have to take a long break from our regular screenings. Some of you have been very patient and asking when we will restart.

Of course there have been some changes. We’ve all had major changes. Some of them sad and we may have lost loved ones. Many of us yearn to return to a normal life.

As a film club we have lost some primary volunteers. We wern’t very big to start with but we are down to 3 or 4 people. Any regular volunteers would help. If you can commit on a regular basis consider it and contact us. We need more and someone that is a bit techy would help. Alos someone good at social media and graphics.

Just so you know we need about 27 people in the seats to break even on costs. I’m thinking a screening every week is not feasible. Maybe once a month? Give me some ideas when you read this. I’ll talk to the remaining crew between now and Christmas. Please email me at alan@ealingfilmfestival.com or ring 07411751965

While it is not quite the same, in a time that many of us have had to isolate, I know people continue to watch some fantastic films at home. Keep watching. Maybe in late winter or spring we can start again.

See ya soon?