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We launch into our next programme with a vengeance, looking at the theme that is the driving force behind many character motivations, narrative arches and a staple of genre films. Whether they’re getting even, settling scores, or facing their own comeuppance, these avengers act out moral fables and cautionary tales: warning about crossing the line between right and wrong; and taking justice into one’s own hands.

Friday 19th July
Medea (1969)
111 minutes – certificate 12 – in Italian with English subtitles

Maria Callas stars as the sorceress whose obsessive love for Jason drives her to desperate acts. Pasolini’s grand staging of Greek mythology and classical tragedy in spectacular locations.

Friday 26th July
Theatre of Blood (1973)
104 minutes – certificate 15 – in English

Vincent Price is the hammy actor who wreaks poetic justice upon the critics who dismissed his talent, using murderous methods inspired by Shakespeare’s plays. Pitch-black comedy-horror.

Guess what? It’s summer!
Know what that means? We are away in August on holiday and back in September with more great films.